Important Notice of E&O Policy Non-Renewal

Dear Insured:

Gallagher MGA is the broker and program administrator for your 2016 Agent Errors & Omissions Insurance Program. We have enjoyed providing you with A-Rated E&O insurance coverage and access to additional benefits and services.

Unfortunately, we have been notified by the master policyholder that they have elected to non-renew the current E&O program and have indicated that they will be providing another E&O solution. As the current broker of record, we are hereby providing notice to you that your existing E&O program will not be available to renew on January 1st. PLEASE BE ADVISED, it is critical that you procure new coverage on or before January 1st to avoid a “gap” in coverage.

Please call our customer care specialists at (866) 310-3828 to discuss any questions you may have regarding this policy non-renewal notice.

Amerilife agents may call (888) 848-4955 to inquire about the 2017 Amerilife program.